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The Website has Launched!

We are overjoyed to write our very first blog entry! This is the Website of the Johnsville Centrifuge– home of the largest human centrifuge! Human Centrifuge? Yes, you read that right! Our facility is where the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts trained to understand the effects of high G-forces on the human body! We are now a museum where you can be inspired and learn about the technological innovations made by the dedicated NADC employees and see where America’s space heroes trained!

You can also find us on Facebook and very soon we will have accounts on Twitter, Flickr and Youtube. Please friend us, follow us, or subscribe to us! Join us as we present to you all the amazing things we are discovering about this amazing facility every day! (Remind us to blog about the day we found the actual CONTOUR COUCHES the astronauts used in training just sitting in the basement for over 40 years!)

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