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Mission & Purpose

The mission of the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum is to provide a world class educational and entertainment environment for the study of aerospace sciences where learning is an inspirational experience.

Our stated purpose is to establish, maintain and operate a premier science museum to serve the community by providing a learning center to study Aerospace Science and other related topics. We will endeavor to educate and inspire the youth, enlighten the population and entertain its seniors. We will acquire, restore, preserve and protect NADC related items and archives. We will do these things in an ethical, fiscally responsible and ecologically sensible manner.

We have six primary objectives:

  • Provide the young with a center of learning specializing in science and history. Planned topics include astronautics, aeronautics, biomedical studies, flight simulation, software and physics.
  • Honor the early astronauts and their heroic deeds.
  • Provide seniors with a place they can experience and engage in stimulating activities.
  • Preserve the contributions of the NADC Alumni and local population towards the development and advancement of the US Space Program.
  • Preserve for future generations the drawings, documents, photographs, oral histories and film archives of Brewster, NAMU, NADC and NAWC.
  • Provide a public model of sustainable energy efficiency and green technology in a commercial setting.