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Fall 2019,

Dear Friend,

We are delighted to share an amazing year of accomplishments with you. Our collaboration with the Mercer Museum resulted in the three month record breaking exhibition of Making Astronauts: Bucks County to the Moon.

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, we broke attendance records with exciting speakers, films, family days and events.

If you visited this original exhibit, you saw a fraction of the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum collection that highlighted the extraordinary role of the Warminster based Naval Air Development Center in America’s early pioneering years of the space program. From Mercury to Apollo, the NADC helped train the astronauts who ultimately achieved putting a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s.

Mark your calendar for our next exciting upcoming April event; dinner and a one night only exhibit of rarely seen artifacts from the RMS Titanic, the British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in April 1912! Follow us and check our website for this and other exciting events!

Our journey to have a permanent home for the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum continues. With your help, we strive for a place to exhibit our entire collection, create interactive exhibits, make archival materials available for public research and inspire and amaze all age groups to reach for the stars! The museum will highlight the preservation and display of the original centrifuge gondola that was once used to train US astronauts in our Nation’s quest to walk on the moon.

Our efforts have been sponsored by The History Channel, Comcast, Tinari Contractors, Merck (to name a few) and now Northampton Township. All support the rich cultural history of Bucks County and our region!  We are ready- but we need your help. Our agreement with the Township to build a Science and Learning Center with museum is contingent upon our ability to raise $100,000. Your gift today is critical to our future success! 

If every person who reads this contributes today, our goal will be within reach! You can make this happen, you can help preserve the history of aviation, the space race, the launch of space exploration- for all to see and to inspire all!

Your generosity will help preserve and protect the history and the legacy it represents for all ages to experience the first steps of space flight here in our own backyard. 

Your kind gift will pave the way for thousands of lives to be inspired and to experience the space program that continues to unite and touch lives today.

You can make a difference, you can honor our past and inspire our future!

With sincere gratitude for a successful journey we can continue together,

Michael Maguire, President

The Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum, Inc.

P.S. Your gift today-right now -WILL get us to our goal, together! Your tax deductible contribution will preserve history!

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